Ashes To Ashes

And the burning of the embers
Slowly down inside
I will keep you warm this darkness
As the ashes die
I will keep you broke and splintered
I will keep you tight
I will keep you cold and dark
Till the end of time
And the soul is slowly seeping
As the years go by
Will you keep me cold and darkened
Till the end of time
I will keep you safe from summer
I will be entwined
I will keep you cold and darkened
Till the end of time
I will kiss your burning embers
I will watch them die
As the ashes fly
© 2007 Aaron Mcgill


I cannot scream, my mouth is wired shut
I can't see, my eyes are bloody.
Pawn of torturous punishment
Losing all reason to live
I cannot hear with punctured eardrums
I can barely breathe, My ribs are crushed
I will die while suffering Maimed, repulsive menagerie
Collection for the insane
Closer to death I become
Compilation obscene
An assembly for psychotic malefaction
I cannot scream, my mouth is wired shut
I cannot see, my eyes turned into dust
I died into the...
dead humanoid collection.
© 2007 Aaron M. Mcgill



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