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Press release

 PROVOCATIONS - Sensuality & Erotism

Montreal Erotic Art Festival, August 12 – 17; from 2 – midnight
MUSEE JUSTE POUR RIRE - 2100 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montréal

In conjunction with its cultural event "Provocation - Sensualité & Érotisme", and in association with Le Bal Érotique and Erotic Signature, Le Conseil des Arts du Québec (CAQ) will be host for "ARTundressed", An International Erotic Art Exhibition Tour (Miami, Montréal, Berlin, Amsterdam, London), featuring over 150 artworks from 120 international artists.  Additionally, the work of 30 additional local and international artists, curated by le Conseil Des Arts, will also be on display at the Exhibition in Montreal from August 12 - 17th.

This collection of some of the world’s most talented artists derived from a yearly international juried competition from which 200 of the best entries were selected and published in a compendium entitled “The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today”.  Two volumes of this annual publication have already been released and contain a great number of the artworks to be exhibited throughout the Tour.  The third volume is due in Spring 2009 and will include the work of some of this year’s participating artists in the Montreal Show.

Provocation Sensualité Érotisme, Six days of artistic activities on the subject of sensuality and eroticism: Visual Arts; Dance; Erotic Performances and Fashion Shows; authors; composers; emcees; music, videos, films, erotic art exhibition and book launch, audience participation, and much more…

Le Bal Érotique

Once again, Conseil Des Arts du Quebec has joined forces with Bal Erotique to work towards the following common goals:
·   To establish an annual artistic event that broadens people’s mindset in order to achieve acceptance and a positive way of thinking about subject matter of a provocative nature.
·   To create an artistic and cultural environment that is truly inspiring and multidisciplinary.
·   To establish a platform focusing on artistic beauty, the experience of an erogenous journey and the discovery of eroticism in art.
·   To promote Montreal, the Province of Quebec, the culture and artists .

Daily Entry: 10$
Passeport for 3 days: 30$
Council's members: 50% discount



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